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San Jose: $100,000 worth of tools recovered in homeless encampment bunker near Coyote Creek Stolen items, including hunting shotguns, were taken from a nearby electrical contractor’s office.

San Jose Police Department San Jose police were following up on a commercial burglary in San Jose on Monday when their investigation led them to a homeless encampment where they found an elaborate.

In 2019, the San Francisco police department responded to more than 65,000 calls about homelessness. Last year, the city’s police commission urged local.

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San Jose Police officers recovered stolen firearms, tools, and equipment from an underground bunker at a homeless encampment in San Jose on. July 14, 2022 12:55 PM PT The San Jose Police Department said it discovered a bunker in a homeless encampment filled with $100,000 in stolen goods, including firearms and construction equipment.

San Francisco Public Works workers clear a homeless encampment on 14th and Mission Streets in 2017. Photo by Lola M. Chavez. Advocates last night tore into the city's homeless policies, decrying them as cruel, arbitrary and, on top of all that, ineffective. At a lengthy and contentious Wednesday night Police Commission meeting, the Coalition.

San Jose is launching a new program to clean up the streets while also helping get people off them. The initiative will employ 25 homeless residents to pick up trash at 40 "litter hotspots" around the city. The employees will be paid $15 per hour and work four to five hours per day.

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